Evolved societies throughout history have honored the tradition of the feast.  It was a way to bring people together in order to exchange ideas and feed their souls.  


One of the most important functions of the feast was the strengthening of bonds and relations between people in a kind of collective effervescence regardless of place, culture or time.  It was a means to affirm abundance.  It was also a means to bear witness in all the seasons of life and to celebrate the knowledge that we are all connected.


These days, in our social media-dominated existence, connection to us is racking up “followers” and “likes,” when in reality, we have become more isolated, distant and engaged in “busy-ness.”  We are literally more hungry for true connection and sharing than ever before.  




We will sit at a table in a lovely home with positive, engaged souls to connect with one another.


We will eat an exquisite meal together, prepared with love and enjoy organic, delicious, real food and wine.


We will laugh, tell stories and relate to each other the old-fashioned way: In person.


We will tune in to an honored, dynamic guest speaker who will share their wisdom and inspiration with us, so that we might relate and illuminate our own path.


FEAST -- your body on nourishing food


FEAST -- your mind on ideas, inspiration and wisdom


FEAST -- your spirit on love, and recognizing the divinity in each other that resides in all of us


Seating is limited in order to preserve the intimate integrity of each event, but don’t worry -- if you miss the current Feast, just reserve your spot at the next one.  You can also reserve a spot for a friend as a gift, or just bring your Fantastic self and definitely leave with some new Friends.


I am so excited to welcome you with a hug and start Feasting together!




“Abundance is not something we acquire.  It is something we tune into.” -- Wayne Dyer

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