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July 14, 2018  |  6:00 - 8:30 PM

Sharyn Wynters is an author and naturopath with more than 30 years experience in health and wellness. Internationally recognized for the regenerative program she advocates, Sharyn leads a lifestyle based on raw, whole-food nutrition and a toxin-free living environment.

She is the author of the highly regarded guide to toxins in the living environment known as The Pure Cure: A Complete Guide to Freeing Your Life from Dangerous Toxins. The book is the outgrowth of many years of research and personal life experiences.


In her 20s, Sharyn developed serious health problems. Traditional doctors shook their heads and told her there was nothing they could do.  Turning to complementary medicine.


Sharyn met with the famous Dr. William Donald Kelley and within a month her whole life changed. With renewed spirit, Sharyn realized she had found a new passion. 

Sharyn Wynters

She immersed herself in the world of wellness and studied dozens of disciplines including, Acupuncture, Metabolic Nutrition, Rolfing, Heller work, Gestalt therapy, Primal Therapy, Mind Dynamics, Breathwork, Pilates, Hypnosis, Vocal Bio Matrix, Sound therapy, Emotional release, Cranial Sacral, Reflexology, Myotherapy, Orthobiotomy, Feldenkrais, and others. She received a degree from the Santa Monica School of Massage Therapy (1986) and a degree from the Clayton School of Natural Healing (1996), becoming a naturopath to help others discover the keys to health and vitality.  Her naturopathic practice includes the latest innovations in energy medicine and whole food nutrition.


Today, Sharyn is a popular motivational speaker and a regular columnist for the Beverly Hills Times Magazine. She is the recipient of the Naturopathic Doctor of the year award from the Qi Gong Congress (2011) and the Lifetime Achievement award from the Amazing Women Organization (2010). Fully committed to the empowerment of others, Sharyn is dedicated to being a healing influence. Her life is lived in each moment – from her heart . She is an advocate for raw food, for non-toxic living, and for saving Mother Earth.

July 21, 2018  |  6:00 - 8:30 PM

Mike "The Zipper" Sable
World Champion Bodybuilder
Personal Trainer/Motivational Speaker

President, National Board of Nutrition Examiners

Executive Vice President, PROPTA

Mike “The Zipper” Sable, former Mr. America, Mr. USA, Mr. Universe and Mr. World.  Mike became known worldwide as “The Zipper,” a nickname bestowed upon him in referenced to his famous thigh pose he developed 37 years ago in his stage routine.  His vast knowledge and experience make him a sought after leader in the fitness and nutrition world.  Mike’s career has spanned 37 years as a professional bodybuilder as well as a personal trainer and motivational speaker. His educational background is in kinesiology and nutrition.


Mike has a Masters level certification from the International Sports Sciences Association and the United States Private Trainers Association. Mike has also earned elite certifications and teaching credentials with the USPTA and the Continental Organization of Registered Fitness Instructors and Trainers.


Mike is also certified as a teacher of Performance Nutrition and co-author of the course text entitled “Performance Nutrition.”  He teaches courses to Personal Trainers worldwide.  Mike specializes in central nervous system and stabilization training, with certifications from Paul Chek in dynamic Medicine Ball and Swiss Ball.  As a past competitive cyclist, he has distinguished himself in the indoor cycling arena as one of the top instructors of this unique sport. 

He has multiple certifications with Qruzer and Precision Cycling.  Mike is one of the most sought after Fitness Consultants in the industry today. His clientele ranges from the average person to many professional athletes as well as film and television stars.  Mike has been able to take a 37 year career filled with many lessons, as well as mistakes, and use them in a positive way to help others reach their own goals.  As a public speaker Mike is dynamic and inspiring.  His seminars cover the myths of weight training and nutritional counseling while introducing the new and cutting edge ways to get the most out of your fitness and nutritional goals.


Mike is also a consultant for many businesses and individuals in creating complete fitness centers to suit their personal needs.  Mike works with bodybuilding federations throughout Europe, most frequently with the GACA SYSTEM in Poland.  He travels to Lublin, Poland every year to guest host and judge their Biggest Loser competition and speak at their annual Gala. Konrad Gaca, the leader in the fitness industry in Poland, was certified by Mike and uses his nutritional program as the foundation of the GACA SYSTEM. 


Two years in Europe, while competing, Mike also spent his time doing motivational speaking and teaching seminars on a daily basis for large corporations, as well as sports and fitness conventions.  As a three-time world champion in bodybuilding, Mike won such prestigious titles as:


1979 Mr. USA, 1982 Mr. America, 1982 Mr. World, 1983 Mr. Universe

1988 & 90 Coors Extra Gold Grand Prix Overall Champion


Mike is an excellent example of a champion bodybuilder who has maintained his amazing competitive physique his entire adult life.  He maintains a healthy diet and works out on a daily basis and is always in competition shape. Mike works with his competition ladies, better known as “The Zgirls” to prepare them for fitness competitions. Mike “The Zipper” Sable is one individual that will have a lasting positive impact on any organization as he his lives by his motto:  “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care”.          



  • International Sports Sciences Association – Masters Level CPFT.

  • Continental Organization of Registered Fitness Instructors and Trainers – Elite CPFT, Masters Level Teaching Credentials.

  • Performance Nutrition Certification – Elite with Teaching Credentials.

  • Central Nervous System and Stabilizer Certifications from Paul Chek in Dynamic Medicine Ball and Swiss Ball Training.

  • Precision Cycling Certification.

  • Qruzer Indoor Cycling Masters Certification.

  • United States Private Trainers Association – Masters Level Teaching Credentials in Training and Nutrition.    

Mike’s clients over the years include Pamela Anderson, Sinbad, Tommy Lee, Montell Jordan, Nikki Sixx, Donna D’Erico, Rick Dempsey, James Tony, Mick Mars and Glen Sobel, as well as many other pro athletes, television and movie stars.            

July 28, 2018  |  6:00 - 8:30 PM

Andrew Levander, LMFT, M.A.C., is a California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who holds national certifications in: Master Addictions Counselor, Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor, Certified Bereavement Counselor, Certified Cognitive Behavioral therapist, Certified Internet Addiction and Web Psychology Specialist and is a Workplace Mediation Specialist.


Andrew has developed the first residential treatment programs specifically serving adolescents who struggle with self-injury and adult programs for self-injurious process and chemically addictive behaviors. He has over twenty-four years of experience in adolescent, adult and family psychotherapy and fifteen years of national/international professional education in the field and study of social work, counseling, addiction and clinical practice. Andrew is the founder of The Healing House of Los Angeles, a private treatment center for self-injurious behaviors, eating disorders and addiction with offices in Pasadena, Encino and Montrose, CA.

Andrew Levander

Andrew was the recipient of the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health Service Innovations Festival Award, “Enhancing Treatment Quality through Program Innovation and Educational Enrichment”. He was featured on The Dr. Phil Show, Oprah, The John Walsh Talk Show, NBC News, CNN, and a special on E! Entertainment as well as featured in Time Magazine, The Boston Globe, The Los Angeles Times and many other international media outlets.  In 2002 and 2010, a documentary on Andrew’s unique treatment program aired on the Discovery and Discovery Health Channel.


Andrew’s twenty four years of clinical experience, knowledge and dedication to the profession of Marriage and Family therapy, Social Work and education have made him a skilled clinician, educator and leader in the field and study of mental health care and social services.

August 11, 2018  |  6:00 - 8:30 PM

Wayne Lehrer has had many incarnations, from the sublime to the ridiculous: directing 3-D 70mm film and animated T.V.; designing retail stores, World’s Fairs & theme park attractions; producing immersive multi-media; teaching yoga & meditation; practicing holistic health; leading executive mindfulness workshops; author, painting, sculpting and a brief stint as a handyman.

He is currently focused on disseminating the principles of Enlightened Living | Enlightened Aging and his passion project, The MisAdventures of Max and Binko, a movie, novels and theme park.

Wayne Lehrer
Author/Yoga Instructor

August 19, 2018  |  6:00 - 8:30 PM

Efren Olmos
Neurofeedback Counselor 

Efren Olmos is a life counselor and addiction specialist with over 12 years of experience working in the treatment industry. Efren has extensive experience working with young and middle-aged adults struggling with life transition issues and addictions. He has trained with clinicians and coaches from all over the United States, many of whom are specialists in the field of addiction, life coaching, and Neurofeedback.  

He has a 28 year “career studying addiction” from the first-person perspective, and a 12- year journey of active recovery that has taught him the valuable “first principles” of what it means to be emotionally healthy, what it means to “succeed,” and how to overcome challenges.  In terms of more formal education, Efren studied at Pierce College earning his credential in addiction counseling.


He’s currently studying at the Ryokan School of Psychology to bolster his life experience with academics.

Efren currently serves as the lead addictions and neurofeedback counselor at PCI Westlake Centers, a treatment center and institute of mental health research located in Westlake Village and Malibu, California. He sees addiction as a complicated situation of struggling with feelings, beliefs, behaviors, relationships, and other aspects of living, not just a “disease.” In this view, he sees “recovery” from addiction as an integrative process of learning new ways of seeing the world, trying new ways of living, working, relating, and taking care of oneself.


He integrates what the U.S. Surgeon General calls the “Brain Disease” concept of addiction and affect dysregulation with social psychology and 12-step recovery principles. This process encourages his clients learn to try as many new “perspectives on living” as necessary to grow. Most importantly, because most people have a desire to grow, Efren focuses on how to help clients, regardless of their particular problem(s), move from a mindset of “crisis” or “problem-based thinking” to a mindset of “solution” and “solution-focused” thinking.

September 2, 2018  |  6:00 - 8:30 PM

Terah Tidy is the CEO and brains behind the upscale, trend-setting Glamifornia Style Lounge, an immersive beauty experience venue in Malibu, California and the Californian brand ‘Madflower Malibu,’ a product line featuring phenomenal, indulgent essential oils that enable customers to indulge in luxurious elixers.


Terah was a product developer until 2014, working for Sebastian and other industry leaders in worldwide beauty focusing on education and creative development for artists. Then, she decided to transform her passion for natural products into product and experience-based businesses.


Before founding her own brand, Terah travelled all around the world looking for the most natural ingredients that could have a positive impact on the environment.

Terah Tidy / CEO

 “I have always loved essential oils. I love the feel of them, the aromatherapy aspects of them. And yes, the exotic nature of them. From Brazil to Paris, Tokyo to London and everywhere in between, women seem to express beauty differently." Tidy says.  "Yet, all women exude an internal glow that I wanted to capture, along with creating experiences and products that celebrate the innate power of women everywhere.”

         Glamifornia Style Lounge is much more than a beauty salon - it is a destination for those who wish to have a truly immersive experience, share Terah's focus on merging beauty and wellness with fashion and art, and follow Terah's leadership and knowledge of what is trending in beauty in Malibu and beyond.

September 15, 2018  |  6:00 - 8:30 PM

Amberly Lago presents to a vast array of audiences demonstrating how anyone can hit rock bottom and still find the strength to get back up. Amberly's keynotes focus on a broad range of topics from personal potential, acceptance, and living life to the fullest.


She shows with enthusiasm how to never give up and leaves her audiences feeling pumped up, grateful, and hopeful with a new perspective on life's challenges.

Amberly Lago
Motivational Speaker/Author

September 29 2018  |  6:00 - 8:30 PM

Patrick grew up in a small Southern Missouri town, and eventually moved to Southern California to finish his doctorate in psychology. Now that he’s living in Los Angeles he can better appreciate how culturally diverse and complex relationships can be, which has greatly influenced how he negotiates both personal and business relationships.


Growing up in a community where addiction, economic struggles, and prejudice were common Patrick finds that he has a strong sense of empathy for how stuck, powerless, or unaccepted a person can feel.  Moreover, growing up with and learning from business savvy mentors he finds that he has a knack for advising people on how to make strategic choices to improve their careers or enhance their organization's functional capacity.


He feels it is his duty to try to help people (and businesses) feel empowered so that they can succeed.


Patrick Lockwood

Patrick is currently employed at PCI Westlake Centers as a staff Psychologist. He broadcasts "Live talks" on Sundays about topics related to mental health, wellness, psychology, and neuroscience.  ​For the last ten years he has worked in various for-profit and non-profit companies. He has enjoyed serving his clients in both the clinical and business worlds, and he looks forward to partnering with you to create lasting success. Please feel free to get to know Patrick better and contact him!

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