Debra Block




Debra Block, CEO and founder of F-cubed, formerly managed communications and relationships with prospective and contracted clients at an international consulting firm. She is multilingual, has lived in Illinois, Florida and California and has traveled to multiple continents. Debby has over twenty years of experience across many industries including health and wellness, travel and tourism, interior design, medical devices and franchises.

She holds a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts with a concentration in Psychology from the American Intercontinental University in Los Angeles and University of Florida.


Debra is an active member of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. You may see her at local and national professional events and conferences.

Candice DeFalco

Chief Marketing Officer



Candice DeFalco, Chief Marketing Officer of F-cubed, also excels as a Video and Film Producer in Chicago, IL.  Candice graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelor’s Degree in Television Production and soon after started working as a Production Assistant on television commercials, corporate videos and live teleconferences.  In the beginning stages of her career she worked for the American Hospital Association and soon realized she enjoyed operating cameras and editing small segments for teleconferences. Candice continued to pave her way through the Chicago market landing at Post Houses and Productions houses assisting Editors and Producers with content production for non for profit organizations, foundations and advertising and marketing sectors amongst others. Upon transitioning to the film industry, she spent many years learning all aspects of how to be a proficient Production Coordinator and Producer.  She worked on several independent films and more recently coordinated a made for TV movie for the Lifetime Channel.


Candice’s knack for connecting people together and inspiring creativity has lead to many successful projects which now includes being the marketing guru for F-cubed.  Her ability to make things happen comes naturally. 2018 for Candice is about breathing, leaning in, and pressing ahead to become even more creative and innovative.

Shadi Pezeshki 
Chief Sustainability Officer



Shadi Pezeshki is currently one of the founders of Energic Family, a team partnered with the Enagic Global Corporation, based in Japan. Shadi leads her team of individuals alongside her husband to introduce a reduced Japanese medical grade water device to families nation-wide. Through spreading the knowledge and health benefits of these devices, she promotes physical, emotional, and financial well-being as well as consciousness for the environment. Prior to this, she was an entrepreneur for seven years. She ran her own head lice removal business, formulating her own eco-friendly products and bringing peace of mind to thousands of homes, schools and camps. Shadi also worked under Jeff Olson, author, CEO, and founder of Nerium International, introducing anti-aging products to men and women around the world and also implementing powerful leadership skills along the way.

In addition, Shadi received her certification at LA City College from the American Board of Opticians. She practiced optometry in laboratories and with patients alongside renowned optometrists in Los Angeles for six years. Shadi has had the opportunity to travel the world with her family, follow her passions, to motivate and inspire others throughout her business adventures with the support of her loving husband and three beautiful children.